Research Interests

 The goal of our lab is to develop crop and weed management systems that are economically viable and environmentally sound. To that end, our lab studies several facets of crop/weed ecology and management. Since we have broad interests in food security and human nutrition, we focus primarily on vegetable crops grown in our region, including specialty corns (e.g. sweet corn, popcorn), vegetable legumes (e.g. edamame, lima bean, snap bean), and cucurbits (e.g. pumpkin, squash). 


General Topics

1. Identifying opportunities to bolster crop plant competitiveness 
     a.  Crop phenotypic diversity
                 i. Genetic improvement
                ii. Root architecture
               iii. Seed traits
     b. Cultural practices
                 i. Planting strategies
                ii. Cover crops
     c. Physical weed control

 2. Investigating production issues in commercial vegetable cropping systems
     a. Improvements in agronomic practices
     b. Stabilizing yield to environmental variability
     c. Climate change implications

 3. Exploring special issues in minor crops
     a. Quantifying risk of herbicide use
     b. Bridging critical gaps in crop protection

 4. Understanding the interplay among herbicide use, weather, and time on weed management outcomes


Marty Williams Lab, USDA-ARS