Herbicide Registration Status

Very few herbicides registered for use on grain-type soybean can be used on edamame.  Based on what I'm hearing from IR-4, EPA, industry, and university colleagues, I maintain a spreadsheet of the registration status of different herbicide products.  The list is more for guiding research, rather than making recommendations.  Here's my disclaimer: information for any specific product may be incorrect, so contact the herbicide manufacturer before making an application to the crop.

Sweet Corn

Disease Nursery Reports

I had the good fortunate of getting to collaborate with Dr. Snook Pataky, internationally renowned sweet corn pathology expert, from 2003 to his retirement from the University of Illinois in 2011.  I can't take credit for the disease nursery reports he published each year, but I can provide a link to them, here:

Three Sisters Garden

After years of trying to find an agency-approved mechanism for donating the surplus veggies we grow, Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack's Peoples Garden Initiative, launched in 2009, enabled us to donate these veggies to those in need.

Our garden is named the ‘Three Sisters’ because we grow variations of the three main agricultural crops of some Native Americans: maize, beans and squash.  Since inception in 2010, we've donated a total of 43.0 tons of fresh vegetables to local non-profit agencies. 

Marty Williams Lab, USDA-ARS